Why did I quit vegetarianism?

Hi, my name is Myriam but everyone calls me Mimi. I wanted to share with you my story and answer the question “why did I quit vegetarianism?”. 

I came from a carnivorous family. Everyone in my family eats meat. As a matter of a fact, my dad owned multiples restaurants in Paris and its suburbs. He loves meat! Me, on the other hand, I’ve never been a big fan of it. Even less when we discovered several cases of colon cancer in my family on both sides. I made my researches and readed that eating meat higher the risk of contracting this type of cancer. So, I stopped eating meat from that day on. 

I was 16 at the time. At first it was really great. My health was doing better. I felt better. Even though, my brothers made fun of me and my father tried to convert me back to it, I never felt the need or the envy to eat any kind of meat. I kept eating fish once in a while because I am a big lover of Japanese food and salmon was the only thing I could eat at Christmas dinner. I stayed like that for over five years when my health took a hit. 

I moved from France to Canada when I was 18. In France I was going out less and less often with my friends. I  found it way easier to be a vegetarian here. Every restaurant has at least one vegetarian option. I kept on like that  for a few years when I started to lose my hair. I wasn’t able to follow the rhythm of a normal day in a student life. I was constantly tired. I almost lost consciousness after cutting my finger trying to open an avocado. After 5 years I decided to quit vegetarianism. After trying every remedy against hair loss. I lost hope and had to choose. 

I felt so bad at the time. I felt angry towards myself for moving backward. The adaptation was really hard and painful physically and mentally. But today I feel better about my choice. Looking back, I think that I just removed meat from my menu and never replaced it with anything. That was my mistake. At least I tried. And you? Tell me about you? Are you vegetarian? Or vegan? Or enjoying good meat? Maybe you are a doctor who can tell us more about the link between food and health. My doctor has been vegetarian since forever and never experienced anything bad due to it, but each one of us is unique. So, let me know in the comments section.

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