Why did I stop buying new clothes?

Hi, my name is Myriam, but everyone calls me Mimi. I wanted to share with you my story and answer the question “why did I stop buying new clothes?”.

Everything started when I was a kid. My mom taught me that the most luxurious items that you can find at the best price aren’t in a regular store but at garage sales. We used to wake up before the Sun on Saturdays and Sundays in order to be first in the richest Parisian districts where the best garage sales took place. We wanted to be the first to find the most beautiful treasures. We had to pay a little bit more, but we knew the piece would be gone before noon. 

You would never imagine what rich people give away. I was like: “What? This world wide known brand jacket at only 5 euros?”. It was crazy. My mom had a friend in these rich districts who sold her a Louis Vuitton bag from a limited edition for only 20 bucks. Do you know why? Because she hated her mother-in-law who offered her the bag as a present a few weeks earlier. A Chinese man, knowing the worth of the bag, chased my mother everywhere to offer her more than she gave for it. Of course, she refused! It’s one anecdote among many others…  

The only problem was that at this age, you don’t feel comfortable doing that. I was shy, but my mother was yelling at me in a foreign language because of the excitation – or so no one can understand our strategy – to look under this pile of clothes to find anything worth the trip. You don’t feel comfortable saying to your friends at school that you paid your clothes less than 10 euros each. I had the classic comment: “where did you buy that? I love it!” and the answer was always the same… “Thank you, but I don’t know, my mother bought it for me”. 

I grew up with this second hand mindset. I wasn’t aware how great it is for the planet to do your shopping that way. When I arrived in Canada I felt sad to see that the offer is less “interesting”. The style is also very different. I started to buy from regular stores for a short period of time, but I was so disappointed with the quality. Old clothes are well done and last longer. That’s why I decided to open my online thrift store on my blog, stay tuned, it’s coming soon. Do you know that buying only one second hand item per month instead of a new one can really make the difference! Tell me about YOUR way of shopping in the comments.

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